The black obsidian stone is a potent cleanser of the psychic smog made within the aura, and is considered as a powerful psychic protection stone. This stone also has  powerful metaphysical properties, which may assist in shielding you against negative energies and entities.


Helpful uses:


Meditation: to find a creative way through problems. It is helpful in developing intuition and grounding you to the earth, releasing negative energies that result in restlessness, irritability and nervousness.


Protection: from hostility, negativity, psychic ‘vampires’ and spiritual entities that do not belong.  It offers release from tension and enables one to move forward in his/her life, with a more promising outlook.


Physically, Obsidian often points to the root cause of an illness. It clears the blockages that cause disease.  Use Obsidian for detoxifying, alleviating bleeding, increasing blood circulation, and helping with the pain associated with arthritis and other joint discomfort.


Luck: Need to absorb negative energy and transmute it into something positive and useful? Carry some Obsidian on you.



Tribe of Judah Obsidian Protection Pendant

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